Custom Made Cradle Hammock - Oatmeal

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See the Cradle Hammock in Action:

Many of you have messaged me to see if I would resurrect my Cradle Hammock. I DID have to stop production at one time because I had a harder time keeping up with the popularity/demand of the item, for I do take care of each and every detail.

I've decided to start taking Pre-Orders for those interested since I've already made all the ones needed to go out some time ago.

At this time you are looking at 3-5 weeks of Production depending on the orders I'm taking in. If you need this SOON, please let me know, and I can we can work something out:)

It's $85 Plus Ship and I will also include a set of Suprise Twin Set Hats.

Message me for any inquiries or order.

(I will be crediting each photographer shortly in the captions :)

This is a Unique item to be used as a Photography Prop to look like it's 'suspended'

Each 'arm' will be approximately 2 feet long, and the opening will be approximately 6 to 7 inches in length. The item will be very stretchy and pliable with a good drape. Can be used in two ways. To be hung vertically with one arm tied at the bottom while someone holds the top or horizontally being held by both arms with the help of 2 people on each side.

Dimensions of this swing will ALWAYS be the EXACT same as the picture listed every time I make it. The only changes will be possible color changes.

For Photography purposes for NEWBORN SHOOTS. Newborn should be no more than 12lbs, and up to 3 weeks old. Please use with good judgement and safety. Never leave a child unattended in the Hammock.

***Interested in a different color? Convo me, and I can surely accomodate***

Disclaimer for Swing/Hammocks/Slings:
These items as all of the items in this shop, are thoroughly inspected prior to being shipped. Once you have purchased these items, you will have agreed to accept full responsibility thereafter if any injury has been sustained. This will not be the responsibility of the seller/designer/creator (Angel Posadas-Miller, Angel's Purple Pantry and Angel619SD), and will not be liable. Thank you for your undersanding:)

Custom Made Cradle Hammock -  Oatmeal

Angel's Purple Pantry

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Welcome to my new shop Angel's Purple Pantry!

I have been designing for Newborn Photographers for 4 years and have moved to a brand new shop here on Zibbet:)

I specialize in Newborn Photography Props, ie, Newborn Hats, Cocoons, Cradle Hammocks, Wraps/Mini Throws, Headbands etc.

I have included Adult items along with my Handspun yarns that I do use for most of my Newborn Woolly Items:) Handmade Cards/Notecards , Papercrafting items will be added on as well.

If there is a sizing you need for children/toddlers, please, do not hesitate to ask, I am sure we can work something out.

First of all, I would like to thank ALL the wonderful photographers who have shared their images and talent with me especially those I have worked with for the last few years! You are truly appreciated:)

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Turnaround Time:

Holiday Items: PLEASE Let me know your NEED BY date so I can get them out to you in a timely manner, especially for your photo shoots!

Please know it takes some love and patience to put in the love and detail in these items. Below are my Turnaround Times at the moment for the follwoing items:

Headbands: 2 to 2 1/2 Weeks
Baby Hats: 3- 4 weeks
Adult Hats: 3-4 Weeks
Scarves- 3 - 4 Weeks
Baby Hats/Diaper Covers 3 - 4 weeks
Baby Cocoons- 3 - 4 weeks
Newborn Photography Grab Bags: 3-5 weeks

Ready To Ship Items: No long wait, already in stock ;ships within same day to 2 days.

IF you need to have your items SOONER than my Turnaround Times Listed, upon Checkout or email me at, indicate your "NEED BY" date, so I can take your request in consideration and acommodate :)

I've been crocheting about 28 years and knitting for about 12 years:) I would describe my style to be an Urban Chic style, which is pretty on the unique, fashionable, trendy yet functional. Thank you for stopping by!